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Jacksboro, TN Criminal Defense Lawyer

Attorney for DUI, Drug Charges, Property Crimes, and Other Criminal Cases in Campbell County

There are multiple situations where a person may be arrested and charged with a criminal offense. While criminal charges can range in severity depending on the specific offenses and the circumstances of a case, they should always be taken seriously. A conviction can result in multiple types of penalties, including significant fines, a prison sentence, or the requirement to complete a period of probation. A criminal record can also affect a person's ability to find or maintain employment or obtain housing or education. A person's reputation and standing in the community can also be affected by an arrest or criminal charge, and their relationships with family members and friends may also suffer. Fortunately, by working with an attorney, a person can determine the best ways to address criminal charges and avoid or minimize penalties and related consequences.

The Law Office of William F. Evans provides dedicated legal help and representation for clients who have been charged with criminal offenses. With our knowledge of the criminal laws in Tennessee and our experience defending clients in multiple types of cases, we can determine the best defense strategies and advocate for a defendant's rights from the beginning to the end of their case.

Defense Against Multiple Types of Criminal Charges in Jacksboro

Attorney William Evans understands the many ways that a criminal arrest can affect a person's life, and he believes in fighting on behalf of his clients, helping them understand their best options for resolving criminal matters quickly and effectively. Our firm can provide defense in many different types of criminal cases, including:

  • DUI/DWI - An arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can result in the suspension of a person's driver's license, and a conviction can lead to additional penalties, including fines and jail time. We can help clients understand how to defend against first-time DUI or multiple DUI charges, and we can also provide representation in cases involving boating under the influence (BUI). We also assist with driver's license reinstatement following a DUI-related suspension or revocation.
  • Drug crimes - We help clients defend against charges related to controlled substances such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines, or prescription drugs, which can range from misdemeanor drug possession offenses to serious felonies involving accusations of drug manufacturing or distribution.
  • Murder, assault, and other violent crimes - Homicide charges can include first- or second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, or vehicular homicide, and these offenses are often charged as felonies. We can help defend against these types of charges, as well as other violent crimes, including providing representation in cases involving accusations of domestic violence.
  • Sexual offenses - Those who are accused of sex crimes such as sexual assault, statutory rape, sexual battery, criminal sexual conduct, child pornography, or prostitution will need a strong advocate who can help them protect their reputation while also defending against serious criminal charges.
  • Property crimes - Charges involving accusations of taking, damaging, or destroying someone else's property can vary depending on the value of the property, the identity of the alleged victim, and other factors. We can help clients determine the best defense against these charges.
  • Traffic violations - We work with clients to address traffic tickets or other issues that could affect their driving record, helping them avoid the potential suspension of their driver's license.

Contact Our Campbell County Criminal Law Attorney

Regardless of the nature or severity of criminal charges, everyone deserves to have a strong legal advocate who can protect their rights and help them find the best ways to resolve their case. To get legal help with criminal matters in Jacksboro and Campbell County, contact The Law Office of William F. Evans at 423-449-7980 and set up your free consultation today.

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