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Campbell County Personal Injury Attorney

Lawyer for Auto Accidents, Premises Liability, and Wrongful Death in Jacksboro, Tennessee

Serious injuries can occur in many situations, and they can not only cause significant pain and discomfort in the moment, but they can have long-lasting effects on a person's life, health, and well-being. When a person is injured because of someone else's actions or negligence, they may be left uncertain about how to address the ways they have been affected. Fortunately, with the help of a skilled attorney, an injury victim can take legal action to pursue compensation that will provide them with the financial resources they need while recovering.

At The Law Office of William F. Evans, we believe in standing up for the rights and interests of those who have been injured. We work with our clients to gather relevant information about the circumstances of their injuries, including evidence showing that someone else was responsible and medical records demonstrating the full extent of their damages. By handling all of the details of a legal case and fighting for compensation that fully addresses a person's injuries and damages, we ensure that our clients can focus on making a full recovery.

Legal Help With Accidents and Injuries in Jacksboro

When a person suffers a serious injury, they may require emergency medical care, which may include transportation in an ambulance, treatment in an emergency room, hospitalization, or surgery. Ongoing medical treatment and medication may also be needed to address a chronic condition, or physical therapy may be required to ensure that a person will be able to return to the activities they performed before being injured. The costs of this treatment can add up quickly, and depending on the seriousness of an injury, medical expenses can total tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In addition to struggling to cover the costs of medical treatment, a victim and their family may experience additional financial difficulties if their injury has caused them to be unable to work. To address these issues, victims can pursue financial compensation from the person or parties who were responsible for their injuries. In addition to receiving compensation for their financial losses, a victim may also be compensated for the physical and emotional pain and suffering that resulted from their injury.

We work with clients to pursue compensation in multiple types of personal injury cases, including:

  • Car accidents - The driver who was at fault for a motor vehicle collision may be held liable for injuries and damages suffered by other drivers, passengers, or anyone else who was involved.
  • Truck accidents - Drivers or passengers who are injured in collisions with commercial trucks may be able to pursue compensation from a negligent truck driver, their employer, or other liable parties, such as the manufacturer of defective truck parts.
  • Motorcycle accidents - Motorcyclists are likely to be seriously injured in a collision, and in many cases, these accidents occur because drivers are distracted or fail to drive safely when sharing the road with motorcycles.
  • Premises liability - A property owner or tenant may be liable for injuries that occur because they failed to protect the safety of visitors. These cases may involve slip and fall accidents, dog bites, swimming pool injuries, inadequate security, or negligent maintenance.
  • Wrongful death - The family members of a person who was killed because of someone else's negligence can pursue compensation for their loved one's medical expenses, the loss of income they would have earned, loss of companionship, emotional trauma, and the costs of a person's funeral and burial.

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Following a serious injury, The Law Office of William F. Evans can help you determine your best options for receiving compensation. We will advocate on your behalf to ensure that you will have the resources you need to provide for yourself and your family as you recover from your injuries. To arrange a free consultation, contact our office today at 423-449-7980.

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