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3 Motorcycle Safety Tips for This Spring in Tennessee

Posted on in Personal Injury

Campbell County personal injury attorney motorcycle accident

In Tennessee, motorcycle crashes rank Campbell County close to the upper half relative to other counties in terms of high frequency. In addition, the state of Tennessee alone has seen spikes in motorcycle accidents and related personal injuries over the last few decades. Many people are aware of the risks involved with riding motorcycles, but there are some important safety laws and other tips that you might want to consider before hopping on that bike this spring.

How to Stay Safe on Your Motorcycle This Spring in Tennessee

With the pandemic figures getting better and improved weather conditions on the way, you might be tempted to ride your motorcycle more. This is a great choice, but you need to be a defensive motorcyclist and stay safe out there by doing the following things in order to avoid major accidents:

  1. Follow All Tennessee State Legal Guidelines for Motorcyclists—Tennessee has specific laws and guidelines pertaining to riding motorcycles. For operators especially, some of the more important laws for riding motorcycles include:

    • Wearing an approved safety helmet, such as DOT, CSPM, SNELL, or SIRC

    • Using headlights both during the day and night

    • Wearing eye protection if your motorcycle does not have a windshield

    • Avoiding lane splitting

    • Equipping your motorcycle with a rearview mirror and footrests for both operators and passengers

    • Including required mufflers on the motorcycle

    • Not including cutouts on the motorcycle

    • Equipping your motorcycle with passenger seating and footrests 

  2. Pay Attention to the Weather and Road Conditions—Always be aware of the weather, especially during these times of changing climates and challenging weather conditions, which can include slippery rain, bright sunlight, blinding fog, and slush. This means knowing what to expect on your ride, including the road conditions for when and where you will be riding throughout the day. Consider checking out the local forecast before hitting the road or tuning to the weather on your motorcycle radio if you have one.

  3. Know About Current Traffic and Construction Statuses—If you are not expecting or anticipating specific traffic or construction issues, it could catch you off guard and result in a serious accident. Always know what to expect on the highways in particular. Ask your buddies who ride or, better yet, watch the local news beforehand to see if any major delays are keeping things from moving along.

Contact a Jacksboro, TN Motorcycle Accident Attorney

While we have provided plenty of safety and legal tips here for you when hitting the road on your motorcycle this spring, you might be involved in a motorcycle accident regardless. Your crash may cause serious injuries, and that is why you need the assistance of an experienced Campbell County personal injury lawyer. Call the talented team from the Law Office of William F. Evans at 423-449-7980 to schedule a free consultation.




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