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4 Steps to Take After a Truck Accident in Knox County

Posted on in Motor Vehicle Accidents

Knox County truck accident Accidents involving big rigs are unlike any other type of crash. In a collision involving two smaller, personal vehicles, the drivers are sometimes able to pull their damaged vehicles off the road and then exchange information. In a collision between a big rig and a smaller vehicle, the aftermath may look very different. Often, the smaller vehicle is not driveable and the injured occupants need to be taken to the hospital. The traditional exchange of insurance information may be impossible. 

One of the more important steps you can take after an accident with a commercial truck is to contact a lawyer as quickly as possible. After this type of serious accident, you will want an attorney on your side. 

What Should I Do After a Truck Crashes into Me?

There are a few steps you can take after an accident with a big rig that may help you going forward. These steps include: 

  • Call 911 - While calling the non-emergency number for the local police is sometimes the right answer after a more minor accident with no or minimal injuries, calling 911 is almost always appropriate after a big rig crash. Serious injuries are highly likely, and one or more ambulances may be needed to rescue those who are badly hurt. Aside from that, the police may need to respond very quickly if the crash is blocking the road.
  • Avoid danger - Semi-trucks often carry hazardous materials, and there may be a risk of fire or chemical exposure after the accident. Additionally, there could be a heightened risk of secondary crashes if any damaged vehicles are still in the roadway. It is best to move away from the crash if you can safely do so. However, make sure that you stay within sight as you do not want it to appear to first responders that you have left the scene. 
  • Take notes - If the company name or logo on the truck is still legible, you will want to make note of it. It may also be wise to write down the license plate number, any other number identifying the truck, and if possible, a description of the driver. This could be helpful later if the driver or company attempts to escape liability later. 
  • Call a lawyer - Once you are safe, call an attorney. You can call from your hospital room or instruct an uninjured family member to call from the side of the road if need be. Your attorney will want to get to the accident scene and begin investigating before anything is disturbed. You can also be fairly certain that the truck company‚Äôs insurance agency will have lawyers. It is only fair that you be represented as well. 

These steps are for your safety, as well as to help preserve evidence you might need later. If you are not able to carry out certain steps due to your injuries, an attorney can help you with them. 

Call a Knox County Truck Accident Lawyer

The Law Office of William F. Evans is committed to helping those who were injured by negligent truck drivers or trucking companies. Our Knoxville truck accident attorneys are experienced at holding these parties responbsible for their carelessness. Call us at 423-449-7980 for a free consultation. 



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