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4 Tips if You Get Pulled Over for DUI This Holiday in Tennessee

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The holidays are here, and even with the pandemic still surging throughout Tennessee and the country, for that matter, there is still an increased likelihood of drunk driving on the roads. This means that the police in Tennessee will be more vigilant about stopping drivers for a wide variety of traffic violations but, most importantly and notably, they are going to be especially focused on pulling people over for DUI. With that in mind, here is a refresher on some tips for what to do should you be pulled over this holiday for DUI to avoid any criminal charges. 

Your Actions During a Traffic Stop Matter

There are several things you could do if pulled over for DUI this holiday that are common sense, but there are other steps to take that you might not even think about doing. Whatever the case might be, here are some tips for what to do if you are pulled over for DUI this holiday:

  1. Immediately pull over to a safe location on the side of the road, stay in your car, and remain calm. It is important to remain calm throughout the traffic stop, even after being arrested. Even if you are drunk, you still need to stay calm and keep a cooler head because a DUI arrest could easily be compounded with other charges if you are not calm, such as resisting arrest.

  2. Be prepared with paperwork. You will need to be ready with the proper documentation, including your driver’s license, car registration, and auto insurance card. When you reach for it all, do so slowly and deliberately, keeping your hands within view as often as possible. 

  3. Do not speak unless being spoken to. Overall, you are going to want to be polite and respectful with the police officer. For one, it will prevent things from escalating, but for another, it will prevent you from being too candid and possibly incriminating yourself with additional unnecessary statements that the officer may be able to cite as evidence at a later date if you are indeed arrested. Do not forget: You can claim your fifth amendment rights and remain silent the entire time after informing the officer that you are invoking those rights.

  4. Be cooperative. While it is true that you do not need to submit to any alcohol testing, be it blood tests, urine tests, or even a breath test, refusing to do so will result in your license being suspended. Therefore, you might want to cooperate, especially if you suspect you are not above the legal limit for blood alcohol content (BAC), which is .08 percent or higher in Tennessee. Act appropriately so as to not make the situation any more damaging to you.

Contact a Jacksboro, TN DUI Defense Attorney

It is the holiday season, so there is a possibility of being pulled over if you are celebrating the end of this difficult year a little too much. If you arrested for DUI in Tennessee, seek the guidance of an experienced Campbell County criminal defense lawyer who can give you the representation you need if faced with this serious charge. Contact the reputable legal professionals at the Law Office of William F. Evans to prepare a strong defense on your behalf. Call us today at 423-449-7980 to set up a free consultation.


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