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4 Top Causes of Big Rig Accidents in Knox County

Posted on in Motor Vehicle Accidents

Knoxville Truck Accident LawyerAccidents involving semi-trucks can be particularly dangerous just due to the sheer size of these vehicles. An out-of-control big rig is quite likely to cause a crash involving multiple vehicles, especially when the accident happens at high speeds on a freeway. Sadly, people can lose their lives in these devastating accidents. Wrongful death actions in addition to personal injury accidents are all too commonplace following semi-truck crashes. 

If you have experienced a serious motor vehicle accident caused by a negligent truck driver, you may be entitled to recover damages for your own injuries or the death of an immediate family member. While it may seem difficult to move forward after such a traumatic event, it is important that you do not wait too long to contact an attorney so he can begin investigating while the evidence is fresh. 

What Causes Semi-Truck Crashes in Tennessee?

Carelessness is a common culprit, whether on the part of the driver or on the part of the trucking company. For those operating these massive vehicles, there is little room for negligent mistakes because the consequences can be horrible. Frequent causes of big rig accidents include: 

  • Brake failure - Especially in Tennessee’s more mountainous regions, brakes are extremely important when it comes to operating a large truck safely. Semi-trucks can easily lose control while going downhill when the brakes have not been properly maintained and repaired as needed.
  • Hours of service violations - There are many very good reasons that the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is so strict when it comes to how long a truck driver can keep going without a break to sleep. Fatigued long-distance drivers can become hypnotized by the road, fall asleep, or start making small mistakes that lead to big problems. 
  • Driver distraction - CDL holders who drive day in and day out for work may be drawn into a false sense of security and believe that it will be okay if they answer a text message or flip through their phone to start a new playlist. Unfortunately, this can put others in extreme danger should a driver look down at the wrong moment. 
  • Intoxicated driving - While most truck drivers face random drug screens, this is not a foolproof solution to intoxicated operation. Stimulants are often a drug of choice among long-distance truckers. Using any narcotic substance while driving a big rig is both illegal and dangerous. 

The scene after a semi-truck crash is often very chaotic. It can be difficult for accident victims to make heads or tails of what has occurred in the immediate aftermath. This is one of the reasons it is best to quickly contact a lawyer, who can start trying to get to the bottom of your accident right away. 

Call a Knox County Trucking Accidents Attorney

If you were injured or lost an immediate family member due to the negligence of a semi-truck operator, The Law Office of William F. Evans may be able to recover compensation on your behalf. Our experienced Knoxville truck accident lawyers will guide you through the entire process, making things as easy for you as possible. Call us at 423-449-7980 to arrange a free consultation. 



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