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Knox County personal injury lawyerThe highways that crisscross Tennessee continue to see high levels of traffic congestion from cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Given our location and recent growth, highways in our metro areas and throughout the state can see regular traffic jams, plus those caused by incidents on the road. With all of that congestion, car accidents and truck accidents are frequent occurrences. These can result in severe personal injuries and property damage and can also make congestion worse. The HELP program from the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) can help drivers in the wake of incidents and even help prevent future accidents. 

Benefits of a Quick Response

For highway planning purposes, there is simply no way to build enough lanes and enough capacity to handle all traffic in all situations. Incident management has become recognized as an effective way to manage congestion that results from accidents, congestion, and other roadway incidents. The HELP program is able to dispatch trucks which assist local law enforcement respond quickly to incidents, assist drivers in non-injury accidents to move to the side of the road, and help with traffic control and lane closures when major accidents do occur.

By responding quickly and cutting down on additional backups, more accidents can be prevented. While 40 percent of congestion follows regular, predictable patterns, the other 60 percent is caused by accidents, disabled vehicles, debris in the road, and other non-recurring events. A full 20 percent of all accidents on the freeway follow an earlier accident which caused the initial backup.  


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Jacksboro, TN Injury Lawyer

On February 6, six motorists were injured due to one driver’s failure to stop at a stop sign on Tennessee’s Highway 160. The 20-year-old driver was fatally injured after colliding with a truck. The initial impact led the young driver veer into the oncoming traffic, where they collided with a third vehicle. The tragic accident is a reminder of how important adherence to traffic laws can be. 

Failure to stop accidents are a growing crisis across the country, in large part due to the increased use of cell phones while driving. Reckless drivers continue to endanger other travelers by disregarding yield signs and traffic signals and failing to stop at marked stop signs


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On the road again… legally

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Jacksboro, TN driver's license reinstatement attorneyA state law that takes away driver’s licenses because of unpaid court debt may go down this year. That’s because of a landmark lawsuit in the U.S. District Court this spring.

Judge Aleta A. Trauger refuses the state of Tennessee’s request to reject the lawsuit. In her official memorandum about the case, she stated that one of the fundamental rights of citizens, the right to travel interstate, is not recognized by this law. Now, the lawsuit initiated by two state citizens with low incomes is set to become a game changer for over 100 thousand people.

A Never-Ending Cycle

Many of the thousands of people that lose their driver’s license because of debt stay trapped in a never-ending cycle of debt. One of the major reasons for this is driving without a license, which results in more legal charges and fines.


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