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Department of Safety Urges Us to “Slow Down Tennessee”

Posted on in Motor Vehicle Accidents

Knoxville personal injury lawyerOn April 15, the Tennessee Highway Safety Office launched a two-week campaign to raise public awareness and reduce personal injuries caused by speeding on Tennessee roads and highways. During this period, several agencies and public service groups are promoting the Slow Down Tennessee message, and the Tennessee Highway Patrol is increasing its enforcement efforts during the campaign as well. The overall goal is to lower the number of traffic accidents, injuries, and deaths across Tennessee.

Teens Are at the Greatest Risk

From 2020 to 2022, the state saw more than 28,000 traffic accidents related to speeding, racing, aggressive, or reckless driving. Teenagers in particular are at high risk for car crashes, which are actually the number one cause of death among American teens. Nationwide, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documented 2,042 deaths in 2019 involving a teenage driver. Statewide in 2019, Tennessee’s Integrated Traffic Analysis Network (TITAN) recorded 100 deaths involving teen drivers.

According to Gavin Gill, Tennessee Regional Manager of Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), the reason teenage drivers speed and drive aggressively is because of overconfidence. He attributes this higher percentage of unsafe behavior to teens’ overall lack of experience. The group is looking to increase the number of SADD chapters throughout Tennessee to reach more teenage drivers, and help them more safely take the wheel.

But, teens are by no means the only speeders on our roads and highways. Colonel Matt Perry of the Tennessee Highway Patrol says that “the THP is combating a drastic escalation in speeding” that has directly contributed to increased numbers of traffic deaths. “We are asking all drivers to join us in slowing down Tennessee,” Col. Perry says.

Contact a Compassionate Knoxville Personal Injury Lawyer

As a Knox County personal injury attorney who has helped a great many clients get the compensation they deserve, we have seen more than our share of suffering and grief as a result of traffic accidents, injuries, and death. Our hearts go out to these victims, who would have gladly traded their compensation to avoid the pain and anguish they endured. If you are ever in this position, we invite you to call The Law Office of William F. Evans at 423-449-7980 to schedule a complimentary consultation. Meanwhile, we urge all Tennessee drivers to observe Slow Down Tennessee throughout the year by watching your speed, minimizing distractions, and buckling up for safety.



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