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Does Crime Really Drop During the Super Bowl?

Posted on in Criminal Defense

Knoxville criminal defense attorneyYou may have heard that crime drops significantly during the Super Bowl, and other major sporting and entertainment events. Perhaps someone even brought this oft-repeated rumor up at your Super Bowl party the other day. The idea is that everyone is busy watching the big game instead of committing crimes. There is some truth to this, according to a study at Berkeley - but it may be misleading. If you wind up charged with a crime after your Super bowl celebration, it is important to reach out to a criminal defense attorney as soon as you are able. Your charges could haunt you long after the football festivities have been forgotten about. 

How Do Crime Patterns Change on Super Bowl Sunday?

A study conducted by doctoral students at Berkeley Law’s Jurisprudence and Social Policy program found that it is indeed true that crime drops during the Super Bowl by as much as 25%. However, this drop is only seen during the game itself - as in, while the event is actively being televised. The idea that fewer people are out committing crimes because they are occupied watching the game (and commercials) may hold some weight. 

However, this drop in crime during the game does not exactly mean that there is less crime overall on Super Bowl Sunday. Crimes related to drugs and prostitution tend to spike in the hours before the game. Quite a few people elect to consume illicit substances before watching the game. Another common crime just before the game involves the purchase of alcohol for or by minors, who may want to enjoy some beer during the big game. 

Other types of crime spike almost immediately after the game ends. Fights may break out between fans of the winning team and fans of the losing team, especially in bars. This may result in assault charges for one or both parties. 

The other major crime that nearly all cities see after the game is drunk driving. Many people enjoy a few—or more than a few—beers while viewing the game. Unfortunately, not all of them plan to get a sober ride home. Anyone who has served as a designated driver or rideshare driver on Super Bowl Sunday can probably tell you that intoxicated drivers are a serious problem for everyone trying to get home after the game. Particularly when snowstorms or other bad weather conditions coincide with the Super Bowl, drunk driving can be extremely dangerous. 

If you were arrested on Super Bowl Sunday, it is important to contact an attorney for help as soon as possible. 

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