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How Can Parents Avoid Child Injuries Around Tennessee School Buses?

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Parents have recently been capturing startling footage of cars not obeying traffic laws at school bus stops. Cell phone cameras have caught drivers nearly running over children who are boarding school buses, even when buses are stopped with flashing lights, a stop sign displayed, and a safety bar extended. Failure to stop when a school bus is picking up students can lead to serious injury of a child, and a driver will not only face criminal consequences, but they may be held financially responsible for the injuries caused.

According to Tennessee law, a driver may not pass a school bus when it is stopped, its lights are flashing, and it has a stop sign and safety arm extended, unless there is a median strip between the car and the bus. If a driver fails to stop, he or she can be charged with a Class A misdemeanor, which includes a fine of up to $1,000.

How to Make School Bus Stops Safer for Children

It is the responsibility of both parents and drivers to make school bus stops as safe as possible for children. Reckless driving is something that happens every day, and parents and kids should be alert at all times and watch for cars. If oncoming traffic is approaching, it is better to wait a few extra seconds to be sure the cars are fully stopped before children cross the road.

Parents can also keep their children safe by taking the following precautions:

  • Arrive early and teach your children the bus stop is not a place to play.

  • Make sure children stand at least six feet away from the curb.

  • Do not let children approach the bus before it comes to a complete stop and the door opens.

  • Never let children walk around the back of a school bus.

  • Teach your children to make sure the bus driver can see them at all times.

As for drivers, a motorist must always stop when a school bus is picking up children. Drivers should always do everything possible to keep children safe while on or near the road. This includes:

  • When driving through neighborhoods or school zones, be aware of children who are about to board a bus or are waiting for their bus to arrive.

  • When backing out of your driveway, stay alert for children who may be playing in bus stop areas.

  • Be alert for children running to catch their bus. They may not be paying attention to surrounding traffic.

  • Obey a bus’s flashing lights. Yellow lights mean the bus is preparing to stop. Red lights mean the bus is stopped, and passing is prohibited.

Contact a Jacksboro, TN Failure to Stop Lawyer

Accidents happen when just one person does not obey the rules of the road. Even when parents take all the proper safety precautions, children may be seriously injured because a driver does not obey the law. If your child has been injured because of negligence by a driver at a school bus stop, a Campbell County child injury attorney from the Law Office of William F. Evans can help you understand your options for pursuing compensation. Call our office at 423-449-7980 to schedule a free consultation.




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