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How to Minimize the Damage of a DUI to Your Current and Future Employment

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Knoxville DUI Defense AttorneyThere is no doubt that the effects of a driving under the influence (DUI) conviction stretch way beyond whatever legal or financial penalties you may have received. Besides showing up on background checks for potential future jobs, are you also in danger of being fired from your present one?

The Impact on Your Current Employment

Depending on your company’s policies and the terms of your employment, your employer may be able to dismiss you if you are convicted of any crime, including a DUI. But will they? One obvious factor is whether the time requirements of your case—such as court dates, jail time, counseling sessions, and community service—have made you miss too much work. But if you have crossed that hurdle, you are able to get to work, and driving is not an integral part of your employment, then that DUI may not be all that important to your present employer.

The Impact on Your Job Search

If you are looking for work, it is possible that the question of criminal convictions will not come up at all in the application or interview. In that case, you have no obligation to bring it up. If it does arise, don’t assume it will automatically kill your chances for the job.

  • Pay close attention to how the question is worded. If your conviction was a misdemeanor and the question asks, “Have you ever been convicted of a felony?”, then you can honestly say “no.” (But if it asks, “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?”, then you need to answer “yes”—because that is what a DUI is in Tennessee.)
  • Always be honest. If a background check reveals that you lied, then you likely will not get another chance to explain yourself.
  • Avoid making excuses. Any attempt to minimize or rationalize your actions will probably be interpreted as evading responsibility—a real red flag to a prospective employer.
  • Talk about the changes you have made. Being forthright and fully accountable will let you turn that negative into a positive. If you put the DUI in terms of making an earlier mistake but taking the opportunity to change your ways, it tells a story of growth and maturity—qualities the employer should value.
  • Focus on your specific accomplishments, and emphasize your strengths. Use examples like completing a 12-step program, never driving drunk again, and making other responsible choices. Focus on the skills and experience you bring, and how they would make you the right fit for this position.

Contact a Knox County DUI Lawyer Right Away

If you are having a hard time meeting your obligations because your license is suspended, you may qualify to drive unrestrictedly with an ignition interlock device, or between certain times and places with a restricted license. Let The Law Office of William F. Evans look into this for you right away by calling 423-449-7980 for a complimentary consultation. And if you are ever facing another potential DUI charge again, the legal punishment and disruption to your life will rapidly increase. Get in touch with an experienced Knoxville DUI attorney without delay to negotiate reduced penalties or potentially even an acquittal.



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