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Pedestrian Safety Tips for This Spring

Posted on in Personal Injury

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With the sun out and temperatures beginning to rise, more and more pedestrians will be outdoors. Unfortunately, thousands of pedestrians are seriously injured or killed in traffic collisions throughout the United States each year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 5,400 U.S. pedestrians were killed after being struck by motor vehicles during a recent 12-month period. If you or a loved one are injured after being struck by a motor vehicle, contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. 

Remaining Safe as a Pedestrian

Approximately 129,000 pedestrians are treated annually in U.S. emergency rooms after being struck by automobiles. In many cases, there is nothing a pedestrian can do to avoid a collision. Other accidents are preventable. Here are some safety tips you may want to consider the next time you go for a walk. 

Avoid Walking at Night

Sometimes a night-time walk can be a peaceful opportunity to stargaze, but walking in urban or rural areas at night can be incredibly dangerous. According to the CDC, a substantial percentage of pedestrian fatalities occur at night. In many cases, these collisions occur when a car driver fails to see the pedestrian. If you choose to walk at night, make sure to wear bright and reflective colors, stick to the sidewalk whenever possible, and consider bringing a flashlight to increase visibility for both you and drivers. 

Do Not Drink and Walk

Many people assume walking home from the bars after a night of drinking is a safe alternative to driving while under the influence of alcohol. While walking home is a more responsible choice than getting behind the wheel of a car, walking while inebriated can be risky or even fatal. In around 34 percent of all pedestrian crashes, the pedestrian has a blood-alcohol content (BAC) over the legal driving limit of .08. The next time you go out to the bars, consider calling a taxi or using a rideshare app.

Follow all Traffic Laws

It is critical for pedestrians to follow all traffic guidelines in order to avoid severe injury. This means only crossing the street at marked crosswalks, utilizing walkways and sidewalks, and always looking both ways before crossing. Many fatal car accidents with pedestrians occur when a pedestrian is attempting to cross the street at a non-intersection location.

Contact a Jacksboro, TN Car Accident Lawyer

Recovering from injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision can be a physically, emotionally, and financially challenging process. In many incidents in which a motor vehicle strikes a pedestrian, the operator of the vehicle is at fault. At The Law Office of William F. Evans, we firmly believe your family should not be financially impacted by the negligent actions of another party. With years of experience operating throughout Tennessee, we will fight to secure the injury compensation your family deserves. To schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Campbell County personal injury attorney, contact us today at 423-449-7980. 


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