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The Danger of Running a Stop Sign or Stop Light

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Jacksboro, TN Injury Lawyer

On February 6, six motorists were injured due to one driver’s failure to stop at a stop sign on Tennessee’s Highway 160. The 20-year-old driver was fatally injured after colliding with a truck. The initial impact led the young driver veer into the oncoming traffic, where they collided with a third vehicle. The tragic accident is a reminder of how important adherence to traffic laws can be. 

Failure to stop accidents are a growing crisis across the country, in large part due to the increased use of cell phones while driving. Reckless drivers continue to endanger other travelers by disregarding yield signs and traffic signals and failing to stop at marked stop signs

Failure to Stop Accidents

Despite nationwide programs designed to lower the number of intersection collisions, including initiatives to increase the number of all-way stops, failure to stop accidents continue to be a concern. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), approximately 70 percent of all-way stop intersection collisions are the result of one driver’s failure to stop. Recent studies found 40 percent of all intersection fatalities occur at stop-sign intersections. 

Running a stop sign can result in a rear-end collision, front-end crash, side-swipe, or “T-bone” accident. Regardless of the cause, failure to stop is a form of driver negligence. 

Pursuing Accident Compensation

If you are involved in a failure to stop collision, the first step you should take is to immediately contact law enforcement. If you or a passenger are physically able, you can get the name of the other driver and their license and insurance information, along with photos from the scene. Adrenaline can mask an injury for some time after a crash, so if you believe you were injured or feel pain later, it is crucial to seek medical treatment and contact a car accident attorney. 

In a large number of motor vehicle collisions, insurance companies try to downplay injuries and damages to limit compensation and can even blame you for the wreck. Your lawyer can deal with insurance adjusters during your recovery so you do not have to.

Contact a Jacksboro Failure Car Accident Lawyer 

At The Law Office of William F. Evans, our legal team aggressively fights for the compensation our clients deserve. If you were involved in a collision caused by the negligence of another driver, you should not be financially impacted by their recklessness. To schedule a free consultation with a Campbell County personal injury attorney, call us today at 423-449-7980. 


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