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Top 3 Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Knox County

Posted on in Motor Vehicle Accidents

Knox County motorcycle accident lawyerThere is no reason that cautious drivers and motorcyclists cannot share the road safely. When both follow all traffic laws, focus on the road, and show a little respect for the safety of others, most motorcycle versus car accidents could be prevented. However, not all drivers are as careful as they should be when it comes to the safety of motorcyclists. Motorcycles are smaller and usually lower to the ground than cars, making them a bit more difficult to spot. However, there are still precautions reasonably careful drivers take to keep motorcyclists around them safe. If you were injured by a car while riding a motorcycle, it is most likely because the driver was negligent in some way. You may be entitled to recover compensation for your injuries and damages. 

Negligent Driving and Motorcycle Accidents

Drivers remaining aware of everything that is happening on the road around them is a critical safety measure. Attentive drivers will notice the presence of a motorcycle, either because they were looking around and saw it, or because they recognized the distinct sound of a bike engine and started paying attention. Careless drivers may not even notice that there is a motorcycle until they have hit the motorcyclist and it is too late. 

A few negligent driving habits that can endanger motorcyclists include: 

  • Ignoring blind spots - Before changing lanes, drivers must look over their shoulders in the direction they are merging to make sure there is no one in their blind spot. Some drivers will instead glance at their mirrors, which may reveal a car, but not a motorcycle. Drivers changing into a lane that is already occupied by a biker is a very common way that accidents happen. 
  • Distraction - Distracted drivers are far less likely to become aware of a nearby motorcycle in time to prevent an accident. Many drivers who hit a motorcyclist later say that they had no idea the bike was present in their vicinity. Distractions may be caused by cell phones, passengers, a vehicle’s infotainment system, or eating while driving. 
  • Aggression - Road rage is a big problem these days. Road rage incidents have been on the rise for some time. Some drivers do not like to share the road with motorcyclists and may begin driving aggressively. Even honking at a motorcycle at close range can cause a biker to crash out of shock. 

If you were hurt by a careless driver while riding a motorcycle, The Law Office of William F. Evans may be able to help you recover compensation. 

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