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What Are Common Reasons for Car Accidents in Campbell County?

Posted on in Motor Vehicle Accidents

Campbell County personal injury attorney car accident

DUI charges during the winter holidays can be a frequent occurrence and accidents caused by drunk driving are also very common, but there are plenty of other reasons that drivers in Tennessee might be involved in car accidents this winter holiday season. Here is an overview of the data concerning the most common reasons for car accidents in Campbell County. Keep them in mind should you ever be involved in a car accident with personal injuries. Doing so will help you better understand whether you have a strong case, what type of compensation you might be entitled to, and how an experienced attorney can help you with your claim.

Frequent Reasons for Car Accidents in Tennessee

While driving drunk, texting while driving, driving recklessly or aggressively, and countless other reasons for car accidents are common across the nation, they are not nearly as common as the following categories are in Campbell County, TN, at least over the last decade. Each of these reasons for car accidents has resulted in hundreds of times more accidents than most other reasons:

  • Difficulty Staying in the Proper Lane or on the Road—This is one of the most common reasons for an accident in Campbell County. While veering off the road usually will not cause personal injuries to other drivers, failing to stay in a driver’s designated lane can certainly cause injuries to others. If that is the case for you and you were injured by someone’s unsafe veering into your lane, leading to a collision, then you might have a convincing argument in court.

  • Following Too Closely—This can lead to rear-end collisions. Usually, the car that rear-ended the vehicle in front is found liable for the accident because odds are they were following too closely, which makes this a very common cause of accidents in Campbell County. Therefore, this is a very likely way to receive compensation if you sustain a serious personal injury from it and take the case to court.

  • Not Yielding the Right of Way—Almost half of most car accidents occur at intersections, often because of a failure to stop or yield. In general, not many drivers pass through stop signs and stop lights; usually, these drivers might come to rolling stops that cause them to fail to stop or yield. In other cases, many drivers simply do not know who they must yield to, especially if at a four-way stop or during a traffic equipment malfunction. Regardless of the reason, if failure to yield or stop causes your injury, you might have a winning case in court.

  • Non-Driver Factors—By far, and most importantly, it should be noted that the most common reason for car accidents is not a human error at all. In Campbell County, weather and road conditions; failures in the vehicle function; and other non-driver factors contribute to more accidents than any other causes. In those cases, no legal argument can be made against other drivers for liability with regard to the accident.

Contact a Campbell County Car Accident Attorney

There are all sorts of reasons for car accidents, some more common than others. If you or your loved one find yourself with a significant personal injury after being involved in a vehicle crash, contact a knowledgeable Jacksboro, TN personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. At the Law Office of William F. Evans, we will help you secure the compensation you need and deserve. Call our skilled legal team today at 423-449-7980 to schedule a free consultation. 




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