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What Are the Causes of Rollover Truck Accidents?

Posted on in Motor Vehicle Accidents

Jacksboro Personal Injury LawyerWhen a semi-truck overturns on the highway, the driver is far from the only person at risk of being injured. The large size of a truck means that several other vehicles could be caught in the path of a rollover, or be unable to avoid an overturned truck that is obstructing the roadway. If you are injured in a rollover truck accident, it is important to understand the common causes of these crashes as you begin your pursuit of fair compensation.

Semi-Truck Rollovers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regularly maintains statistics regarding large truck accidents for the benefit of research like their Large Truck Crash Causation Study. Data from this study has revealed the following as some of the most common reasons for semi-truck rollover crashes:

  • Excessive speed - This not only includes cases in which the driver exceeded the posted speed limit, but also cases in which the driver was traveling too fast for the specific conditions at the time, including the weather, the road conditions, the size of the truck’s load, or the need to traverse a curve.

  • Driver inattention - This includes cases in which the driver was drowsy, distracted by a cell phone or something else in the vehicle, or simply unobservant of their surroundings.

  • Driver error - Some of the most common errors in rollover accidents include oversteering or overcorrecting.

  • Improper loading - This includes cases in which the truck’s cargo load was not correctly balanced or secured before the truck entered the road.

  • Failed vehicle components - Tire blowouts, failed brakes, and other defective parts may cause a truck driver to lose control of their vehicle and overturn.

Negligence in a Rollover Crash

Of the above causes of rollover accidents, many can be attributed to the negligence of the truck driver. Drivers have a responsibility to maintain safe, reasonable speeds, and to operate their vehicles with the skill necessary to avoid preventable accidents. Truck drivers are also expected to keep their attention on the task of driving, especially with recent laws and policies prohibiting handheld cell phone use.

However, some of the common causes of rollover accidents could be the fault of the company that employs the truck driver. For example, a trucking company may be at fault for allowing a driver to remain on the road without taking the required breaks, leading to a drowsy driving accident. A trucking company could also be liable for failing to uphold cargo loading and vehicle maintenance standards.

Contact a Campbell County Truck Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured in a rollover truck wreck, The Law Office of William F. Evans can help you recover fair compensation. Our Jacksboro personal injury attorney will investigate the circumstances of the crash to help you find evidence of truck driver or trucking company negligence to support your claim in a settlement negotiation or trial. Contact us today at 423-449-7980 to schedule a free consultation.



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