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What Are the Most Severe Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Tennessee?

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Campbell County personal injury attorney motorcycle accident

In Tennessee, in addition to truck accidents, motorcycle accidents often can lead to some of the more devastating personal injuries. This is because by their very nature, motorcycles, especially if not driven with an extra degree of caution, can be dangerous. From the lack of protection with an outer frame and airbags that vehicles offer to a lack of proper protective gear to other motorists on the road not knowing how to drive around motorcyclists, it is no wonder that around 80 percent of all motorcycle accidents end in serious or fatal injuries. Below are several of the most common (and most severe) types of injuries suffered in a motorcycle crash.

Catastrophic Injuries 

Taking a motorcycle out for a ride, especially on the highway, can be a risky endeavor. Never is this more true than if other drivers on the road are not being particularly careful or are driving recklessly. In addition, the importance of wearing a helmet cannot be overstated. The Association of the Advancement of Automotive Medicine estimates that between 10 and 20 percent of all motorcyclists are not wearing a helmet at the time of their crashes. Other data suggests up to 30 or 40 percent of crashes in recent years were the result of a helmet not being worn. Tennessee is one of many states that have laws requiring motorcycle riders and their passengers to wear helmets that meet federal and state safety standards.

Possible serious injuries that can result from motorcycle accidents include:

  • Fatal Injury/Death—Obviously, nothing is more serious than this type of injury. Motorcyclists often, but not always, die when they are not wearing proper safety protection, such as helmets. Any of the following injuries could lead to death, including:

    • Skull fractures—When a break in the bones surrounding the brain occurs, brain damage or death might result.

    • Hemorrhages—Be them subdural or subarachnoid, hemorrhages are a very common form of death or serious injury for motorcyclists when they are involved in accidents. This is because severe trauma to the head can lead to this bleeding around the brain, which causes brain damage or death if not treated quickly enough.

    • Cerebral lacerations and contusions—Brain tissue can become torn or bruised, which leads to bleeding. 

    • Cerebral Oedema—This is a buildup of fluid around the brain resulting from trauma to the head. This restricts blood flow going to the brain, causing death or brain damage.

    • Concussions—While less likely to cause death, that does not make concussions any less serious and certainly no less common, as these tend to be the most common type of injury sustained in motorcycle collisions. 

    • Chest or abdomen internal bleeding—Severely injurious or fatal accidents are not just those that involve the head or not wearing helmets; in some cases, a motorcyclist’s chest or abdomen might be injured. If they do not seek treatment right away, they could go days or weeks without even realizing they are bleeding internally, which could lead to death or serious long-term effects.

Contact a Campbell County Personal Injury Attorney

There are many serious and severe injuries that can result from motorcycle accidents. If you are involved in any such accident, be sure to seek proper medical treatment and attention immediately. Once your health is in order, reach out to a knowledgeable Jacksboro, TN motorcycle accident lawyer to help you secure the settlement you deserve if a negligent driver was at fault. Call 423-449-7980 to schedule a free consultation with the skilled team at the Law Office of William F. Evans. We can give you the legal guidance you need for a successful personal injury claim.




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