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What Happens If My Tennessee Rideshare Driver Is Pulled Over for DUI?

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Ridesharing with companies like Lyft and Uber have been known to curb cases of DUI in many locations across the states, which is great for those pub-crawlers and bar-hoppers (and, in many cases during these pandemic days, house party-goers as well) looking for an affordable way to get home after having one-too-many drinks, but what happens if your rideshare driver gets pulled over for drunk driving while you are in the car? Are you at all responsible if you do not report it as soon as you notice something amiss in your driver’s behavior and driving? What will the police do? Does this even happen that often? Here is the scoop on rideshare DUIs.

Zero Tolerance

First of all, you should know that both Lyft and Uber have “zero tolerance” policies for drunk driving, meaning they will take swift action against the driver in question. Unfortunately, unless the police actually pull over the driver for suspected drunk driving and charge that driver for it, many passengers can just accuse drivers of drunk driving to get a refund, triggering consequences including possibly innocent drivers losing their jobs with the rideshare company being prohibited from providing services temporarily.  

What If Your Driver Gets Pulled Over?

While there are some rare cases when the driver getting pulled over for DUI is actually not even your rideshare driver, as was the case last year near Nashville, some official rideshare drivers have been known to commit all sorts of crimes, including assault, drug possession, and robbery. Fortunately, if your driver gets pulled over for suspected DUI, your involvement should be quite limited as shown below: 

  • Safety First—If you suspect intoxication at the start of your trip, decline the ride, report it to the rideshare company, and schedule a new ride.

  • Witness for the Police Report—The officer will finish with the arrest by administering sobriety testing to the driver and reading the driver his or her rights. Then that officer might ask you to remain on the scene to provide witness testimony for the police report. If that is the case, be cooperative and honestly tell every detail you can remember as clearly as possible.

  • Refund of Ride Costs—If your driver gets pulled over for DUI, you will certainly be entitled to a refund of any fees you might have paid. In addition, the rideshare company might give you credit for future rides as compensation for the safety hazard and overall inconvenience.

  • A New Ride with the Assistance of an Officer—Even though you are not responsible to report the incident before an officer pulls the driver over, the officer might still help arrange for your safety if you are adversely affected by the incident. 


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