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What Types of Professionals Can Provide Testimony in Accident Cases?

Posted on in Personal Injury

Campbell County personal injury attorney motorcycle accident

In most personal injury cases, including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and truck accidents, testimony might be provided by experts for both sides of the case. Professional experts are critical to just about any case, but they are especially important in accident-related cases because they can help provide context and clarify the circumstances of the crash. Combined with the guidance of a qualified personal injury attorney, they may increase your chances of receiving compensation for your pain and suffering as a victim of a collision. Below are a few examples of the types of experts you might encounter in such cases. 

Subject Matter Experts 

In addition to the police, the victim(s), specialists, and other professional experts can be called into personal injury accident cases to bolster an argument. These subject matter experts may include:

  1. Forensic toxicologists—These laboratory specialists analyze bodily fluids to determine whether certain chemicals were present in the body during a collision. For instance, a toxicologist might have evidence to present that shows the driver was drunk or under the influence of a drug.

  2. Accident Reconstructionists—These experts study the crash scene and evidence, and possibly even interview police, witnesses, victims, and alleged negligent drivers with regards to the accident, and then re-create the accident for the courtroom to get a clearer understanding of the logistics behind the event. Reconstructionists who re-create the scene of the accident tend to have a scientific or otherwise engineering-related background, or policing experience with special training and focus on the mechanics of accidents, that helps give them keen insights into the circumstances surrounding those types of incidents. Many of them have technical knowledge about a wide variety of transportation-related topics to inform their reports, including analyses of the following:

    1. Energy

    2. Time-distance

    3. Speed from yaw marks

    4. Momentum

    5. Speed in a vaulting motion

  3. Passenger Placement Engineers—While discussing accidents in front of a courtroom is not these experts’ specialty, they do have substantial knowledge and abilities with regards to where passengers and operators might be within a moving vehicle and how that can affect them during accidents. Many of these experts are engineers who design vehicles. In many cases, they focus on making those vehicles safe based on passenger placement and accommodations within the vehicle surrounding the passenger, which all can help better inform the court and strengthen the argument being made.

  4. Police—While they are not experts on accidents and the science behind them, most police have probably seen countless types of crashes in the past. Therefore, they can usually give firsthand accounts of the scene of the accident to help paint a clearer and more comprehensive picture of what exactly happened and the events that may have led up to the collision. 

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