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Campbell County Denied Social Security Disability Benefits Lawyer

Social Security Appeal Attorney for Accident Victims and Medical Patients in Jacksboro, TN

When a severe personal injury or illness makes maintaining a job an impossibility, Social Security disability benefits can help an individual or family keep their quality of life, whether it is a short-term, long-term, or permanent disability. Because of the many unscrupulous applicants who try to exploit the system, the Social Security Administration (SSA) maintains strict guidelines for what constitutes a disability. Only around one-third of annual disability claims are accepted, and unfortunately, these rigid standards sometimes mean people with valid benefits needs are denied.

There are various reasons a Social Security disability claim can be rejected. If you have received denial notification from the Social Security Administration (SSA), The Law Office of William F. Evans can help. We serve as dedicated legal advocates for Tennessee residents whose physical, mental, and financial well-being depend on receiving the benefits they deserve.

What Does Social Security Consider A Disability?

From an occupational standpoint, the SSA classifies a disability as a physical or mental condition that prevents an individual from completing "substantial gainful activity." From a monetary perspective, this is considered any occupation that results in less than $1,220 in gross wages per month for non-blind persons. For individuals considered legally blind, the monthly earnings threshold is $2,040.

Social Security Disability Appeal

Whether your benefits application was denied by SSA Disability Determination Services (DDS) due to being incorrectly submitted or for insufficient information, or it is alleged your condition does not qualify, you can fight that decision.

First, The Law Office of William F. Evans can file an immediate appeal via a Request for Reconsideration form. This should be done within 60 days of your rejection notice. These decisions are usually rendered within four months, and around 10 percent of denied claims that are re-reviewed during reconsideration are approved upon a second look.

If your claim is denied during reconsideration, your lawyer can file a request for a hearing before an administrative law judge, who can make a determination on your case. If that fails, your attorney can file an appeal with the Social Security Appeals Council, which analyzes hearing verdicts and has the power to send a case back to a judge if the decision was based in error. It can also reverse a judge's ruling. If these courses of action fail, you may file an appeal through federal court.

Contact a Jacksboro, TN Disability Claim Lawyer

The Social Security Administration is not infallible. It makes mistakes, and sometimes, people who cannot work because of serious medical problems are unjustly denied the benefits they need. At The Law Office of William F. Evans, we fight for accident victims and those stricken with severe illness who deserve help from the same Social Security Administration which they have paid into with every paycheck. You should not have to suffer financial catastrophe due to health problems beyond your control. For help, and to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Campbell County injury attorney, contact us today at 423-449-7980.

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